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Digital Media Ranking

Dimeraâ„¢ is data analytics and web publishing platform to track,
measure and rank companies based on their online visibility
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Welcome to Dimera

The Dimera platform can be used to create Ranked tables of data. It takes data from various reliable sources, then uses the secret Dimera formula to deliver up to date rankings of whatever you want it to. Dimera tracks the data on a daily basis to deliver hot off the press rankings to applications.

Dimera is built with Django to create a powerful database, and a user-friendly admin platform so you can enter data of your choice. Whether you want to track your favourite celebrities or find out what sports stars are trending. Dimera can track who or what you enter into the database.

1. Collect Data

Firstly Dimera will collect information from multiple data sources of your choice. Choose which companies, organisations or people you would like to collect the data for and which services the data will be collected from (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc).

2. Analyze Data

Secondly, Dimera will work its magic and use the Dimera secret sauce to analyse the collected data. Dimera will do a scheduled analysis of data to make sure data is always up to date.

3. Rank Data

Lastly, Dimera will rank all data at scheduled intervals. You get to pick how you want the data to be displayed in styled tables of your choice. Dimeras automatic updates make sure your website is always displaying the most up to date data available.

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